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Délifrance Singapore is a French café chain acquired by Auric in 2007. The brand has over 30 years of presence in Singapore and its outlet at Clifford Centre marked its first Asian touch point out of Europe.

There are 18 café-bakery outlets in Singapore and each has retained the Parisian charm of delectable French bakeries serving authentic French bakeries.

For the Singaporean audience, Délifrance is the epitome of French pastries. We emphasize on fresh daily baking at each outlet for our signatures - Baguette, Feuillete, Viennoserie and the Buttery and aromatic Croissant, using the finest French butter and flour. Through continuous dedication and product development, we have evolved and introduced new trends and flavours to cater to more customers and stay ahead.

In Year 2016, we marked an important milestone for Délifrance’s croissant family as it introduced its first range of Flavour Bursting Croissants comprised of the Salted Egg, Nutella, Cookie Butter and P’Nut Lava fillings. Over 80,000 flavour bursting croissants were sold in 2 months.

Serving up our fresh signatures, we have the delicious, healthy and freshly made to order Délifrance’s sandwiches that have always been a hot favourite with customers. A record number of sandwiches were sold in the year 2016.

To tantalize the local taste buds, Délifrance constantly introduces new fillings to the sandwich range. Besides Classic Tuna, Smoked Salmon and Chicken D'Light, customers can look forward to enjoying familiar Asian-inspired flavours such as Asian Chicken Rendang, Lemongrass Chicken and Singapore's favourite Chilli Crab. Additionally, with the launch of exciting monthly sandwich sets, Délifrance provided its fans with more wholesome and hearty meal choices.


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