The Perfect Pairings: French Pastries and Coffee

The Perfect Pairings: French Pastries and Coffee

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The idea of the ‘perfect pairing’ manifests in many different ways, from couples to interior design aesthetics. However, for many of us Singaporeans who tend to be foodies, it is the perfect food and beverage pairings that get us excited. If you are curious about the art of pairing French pastries and coffee or an employer looking to reward your employees this festive season with pastry boxes as a tea-time treat, we’re here to guide you on the various ways to experience the ultimate afternoon tea! 

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Croissant with Black Coffee

Image of croissant and black coffee

The croissant with its signature crescent shape is perhaps one of the most popular French pastries that has gained worldwide recognition for its exquisite flakiness and buttery flavour. This richness is best complemented by the bold and robust notes of black coffee, balancing each other out beautifully. Beyond the delightful interplay of flavours, a blend of textural harmony is created as well from the crispy, delicate layers of the croissant and smooth texture of black coffee. When ordering pastry box delivery from us, you can even choose your croissant filling and have it still pair spectacularly with black coffee as the savoury allure of the croissant’s crust remains. 

Almond Croissant and Vanilla Latte

A mixture of ground almonds, sugar, butter and sometimes eggs make up the almond croissant, a delectable twist to the iconic pastry. Typically topped with chopped almonds, it introduces more complex flavours, combining the buttery layers and the distinctive nuttiness of almonds. This interesting flavour profile is elevated when enjoyed together with the sweetness and creaminess of vanilla latte. Furthermore, incorporating both nuts and sweetness has been a recurring theme in most pastry boxes in Singapore and many traditional treats across various cultures, making this pairing a classic in the culinary world as well. 

Pain Au Chocolat with Woody and Nutty Black Coffee or Espresso

Image of a chocolate croissant

Also known as a chocolate croissant, a stick of chocolate is usually placed in the centre of a rectangular piece of dough before it is folded and reshaped. The chocolate then melts while baking, creating a delicious combination of flaky pastry and melted chocolate. The Pain Au Chocolat finds its ideal companion in black coffee than lattes due to its sweetness. The pleasantly bitter notes of a black coffee, especially one that is woody and nutty, complement the indulgent richness of the chocolate pastry. This interplay of sweet and bitter creates a harmonious balance on the palate, making each bite a mouthwatering experience. For those who relish in a bolder flavour, swapping out black coffee for espresso intensifies the taste, offering an even stronger and more satisfying pairing.

Madeleine with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Madeleines are well-known for their distinctive shell shape and pattern. The best madeleines are cakey, soft, sweet and delicately crumbly, the perfect choice for all sweet tooths out there. This sweetness best accompanies slightly more acidic, citrusy, floral and fruity coffees including Yirgacheffe coffee, which is produced in Yirgacheffe, a region located in Ethiopia. The acidity of the Yirgacheffe coffee cuts through the richness of the madeleines and at the same time, serves as a palate cleanser, refreshing the taste buds after every bite of this delightful pastry.

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Choux à la Crème with a Light and Neutral Black Coffee

Image of a cream puff

Light, airy and often simply referred to as cream puffs, the Choux à la crème is made from choux pastry dough, a unique dough that is cooked twice, and filled with sweet fillings, most commonly pastry cream. During baking, the moisture in the dough turns into steam, causing the pastries to puff up and create a hollow interior for the filling. When choosing a beverage to go with your Choux à la crème, try to avoid drinks that are too strong or bitter as they can overpower the flavours of your pastry. Instead, opt for a light and neutral black coffee, which will complement the Choux à la crème’s sweetness, instead of competing with it.

There is no denying that the perfect pairing of French pastries and coffee can elevate the tea-time experience. With Christmas just around the corner and corporate festivities in full stride, ring in the season of giving with our pastry box delivery in Singapore! We provide a range of pastries from croissants and madeleines to Pain Au Chocolat and Choux à la Crème to suit every fancy. 

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