Délifrance offers various beverages such as our signature blend of coffees, orange juice in a bottle and bottled oxygenated water to complement our treats and quench your thirst. These beverages are best served with our various halal dessert boxes for a warm and hearty breakfast or a filling afternoon snack. Looking for a halal care package to send your loved ones or an easy-to-eat snack box for tea time? Book our halal tea break delivery today!

Orders for all items to be made at least 2 working days in advance before 09:00am from Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

  1. Délifrance Specialty Coffee
  1. Twinings English Breakfast Tea
  1. Disposable Wares
  1. Orange Juice
  1. Cloudy Apple Juice
  1. Delifrance Oxygenated Water (10 Btls)