The Délifrance Story

A Journey To France 

A journey to France - this is our promise to you. For over 30 years, Délifrance Singapore has dedicated itself to bringing a taste of Paris closer to home with our aromatic coffee and authentic French delicacies, wherein an innate Parisian charm is bound to transport and delight.

The Délifrance brand is centred upon a desire to make every day delicious. This is a testament to our unending search for and provision of the simple pleasures in life put forth in creative and transformative ways. Our French roots and history exist as the foundational structure upon which we innovate authentic cultural fare, culminating in inspired creations of outstanding taste and convenience.

First Asian Touchpoint

The inaugural institution of the iconic café chain at Clifford Centre represented its first Asian touchpoint beyond European borders and has since expanded to 18 café-bakery outlets across the island.

With this very pursuit of joie de vivre comes French pastries of the highest quality. Each day sees the meticulous preparation of our delightfully fresh signatures; the finest French ingredients give rise to such customary pastries as our Baguettes, Feuilletes, and Croissants. Beyond this, a distinct break from tradition also underscores our exploration of local flavours: customers have previously enjoyed distinctive sandwiches of Asian Chicken Rendang and Chilli Crab.

At the heart of our offerings lies a distinctive passion and brilliance. It is with relentless dedication and product development that we can evolve with excellence, continually catering to our customers’ palates with indulgent meals and unrivalled experiences.