Kindly note that our outlets at Clifford Centre will remain CLOSED until further notice. Alexandra Retail Centre will be closed from 9 October - 24 October 2021. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Thank you.

Party Platters

  1. Assorted Mini Sandwiches (12pcs)
  1. Mini Fruit Tartlets (30pcs)
  1. Mini Tart Canapés (30pcs)
  1. Mini Viennoiseries (30pcs)
  1. Mini Puff Pastries (30pcs)
  1. Assorted Mini Eclairs (18pcs)
  1. Classic Madeleines (30pcs)
  1. Chocolate & Pandan Madeleines (30pcs)
  1. Mini Pizza Baguettes (12pcs)
  1. Bundle Set for 10
  1. Bundle Set for 20