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Benefits of Afternoon Teas and French Pastry Boxes at Work

| Delifrance Singapore

Finding moments of respite in the middle of a busy workday may seem unethical, but is an important step towards achieving greater productivity and happier workplace cultures. If your employees are frequently experiencing mid-afternoon slumps, it may be time to engage a corporate catering company for some afternoon tea meal boxes so that they can grab a cup of tea or a snack for a short session of rest and rejuvenation. In this article, we discuss the importance of afternoon teas and how incorporating these break times into your work routine can benefit your business.

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1. Relaxation and Stress-Relief

Stepping away from the desks and gathering in a comfortable space for some food and drinks, such as a French pastry box and a cup of hot tea, in the middle of a stressful day can do wonders to your employee’s mental health and work performance.

These momentary escapes enable them to slow down, recharge, and regain focus, which are crucial for mental clarity, overall well-being, as well as greater efficiency and problem-solving capabilities. This also creates a more positive work environment where collaboration and teamwork can thrive.

When stress is effectively managed, the risk of burnouts also decreases, resulting in higher-quality work and improved overall performance.

To easily provide your employees with teatime treats, consider engaging Délifrance’s halal tea break delivery service, where a variety of French pastries and desserts will be sent to your office doorstep for your and your employees’ enjoyment.

2. Increased Focus and Productivity

In fast-paced work environments, the concept of taking breaks may seem counterintuitive to achieving optimal productivity. However, research suggests otherwise. Incorporating regular breaks into the workday is said to enhance focus and boost work efficiency as the brief moments spent disengaging from work-related tasks can aid in recharging employees’ cognitive capacities, alleviating decision fatigue, and improving productivity. 

Employee looking tired at work


According to another study, prolonged attention to a task can hinder performance. By stepping away from it and shifting one’s focus to other unrelated stimuli, employees allow their mental resources and energy levels to replenish, which increases concentration upon returning to work.

3. Boost Creativity

Stepping away from one’s desk also offers employees a chance to momentarily disconnect from work-related stressors and create a space for fresh perspectives to emerge. It is in these peaceful moments that employees can find new inspirations, triggering a cascade of creative thoughts and ideas that they may not have been able to develop before. This helps them approach problems from different angles and unlock innovative solutions to their work.

Délifrance's individual meal boxes filled with an array of delicious French treats in vibrant colours and a variety of flavours can stimulate employees' senses to trigger creative thinking. Taking a break from work to indulge in these treats can be just the thing they need to discover new ideas. 

4. Socialisation and Relationship-Building

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Beyond just boosting work productivity and performance, afternoon tea breaks also provide a relaxed setting where employees can engage on a more personal level. Munching on sweet French pastries and interacting comfortably fosters a sense of unity and respect that will aid in improving camaraderie and teamwork, which is crucial to business success. When your employees have stronger friendships that extend outside of work, they are more likely to work closely, help one another, and strive to achieve success together. Communication and cooperation are also enhanced, increasing work productivity and performance.

Treat Your Team to a Moment of Indulgence

Afternoon tea breaks not only benefit employees’ well-being and productivity, but also contribute to a more positive work environment by encouraging social interaction and improving workplace relationships.

If you want to uplift your employees with a delectable assortment of teatime snacks, Delifrance’s halal tea break delivery service in Singapore not only caters to unique dietary requirements, but also satisfies hunger and delights taste buds. Customise your afternoon tea breaks with us