Tips for Keeping Your Party Food Platter Fresh All Day

Tips for Keeping Your Party Food Platter Fresh All Day

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As we delve into the new year, the festivities continue in full swing with family gatherings and corporate parties. Food is central to such celebrations, bringing people even closer together and elevating the overall experience. This is why keeping your food fresh is so important, ensuring that guests and employees alike get to savour delicious bites while making merry. Party food platters and meal boxes make for great options to kick off your event and we’re here to share several tips on extending their shelf life!

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Temperature Control

Temperature influences microbial activity, enzymatic reactions and chemical changes, all of which impact the freshness of your food. For certain perishable items such as meats and dairy products, maintaining a consistent, cold temperature inhibits the growth of bacteria including Salmonella and E. coli. Prioritising temperature control through a combination of refrigeration, insulation and strategic planning is crucial. While perishable items should be stored with ice packs to sustain a chilled environment, insulated containers or thermal bags preserve the temperature of hot dishes, preventing them from cooling too quickly. Additionally, arranging for a last-minute assembly of your party platter or meal boxes can also be a great way to enjoy optimal freshness, the moment the food arrives.

Separate Raw and Cooked Foods

Cross contamination tends to be a common culprit when it comes to spoiled food. It can occur through contact, drips, or the sharing of utensils, potentially leading to food-borne illnesses. Raw foods may carry harmful bacteria and separating them from cooked or ready-to-eat foods significantly reduces the transference of these pathogens onto the prepared dishes. It also aids in organising storage and ensuring proper temperature control without the risk of contamination. If possible, we recommend avoiding raw food entirely just to err on the side of caution.   

Serve in Small Batches

Preparing food in smaller portions minimises its time spent outside of controlled storage solutions. This mitigates the risk of bacterial growth that can compromise food safety. Furthermore, reduced servings enable a quicker turnover as food is promptly consumed before its quality deteriorates. Managing the desired temperature range is also more attainable with smaller portions, allowing for precise temperature control during serving. Our meal boxes in Singapore are the ideal choice here, served individually to enhance the freshness, taste and culinary experience!

Cover and Protect Your Food

Exposure to air can cause food to oxide and spoil, but using lids, wraps and containers preserves food safety by helping to retain moisture, preventing dehydration and maintaining its desired texture. This barrier protects against odours, dust, insects and other contaminants as well, further upholding hygiene and cleanliness. Whether in the refrigerator, during transportation or on display, this practice of covering and safeguarding your dishes is essential. At Délifrance, our party platters and meal boxes come in covered boxes, extending their shelf life and retaining overall quality.

Have Your Food Delivered at the Right Time

If you are planning to order party food delivery in Singapore instead of preparing your own, then timely delivery is the easiest way to make sure your guests consume the food fresh. Think about the date and timing of your event and when dishes should be served. Once confirmed, coordinate with your caterer to ensure that your meals arrive preferably right when it is time to eat. Bear in mind that different food companies have different delivery procedures. For instance, all orders must be made at least 2 working days before 9.00am at Délifrance. Ultimately, prompt delivery minimises the time between preparation and consumption, guaranteeing your platter maintains its prime condition.

While the people involved and activities are vital aspects that contribute to the uniqueness of any event, food can take it to new heights, offering a palatable experience and a truly unforgettable occasion. We hope that the above tips can help make your next gathering a delightful and delicious one! 

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