4 Ways to Jazz Up A Baguette

| Delifrance Singapore

Known for its distinctive long and narrow shape, the baguette is a popular staple of French cuisine, traditionally made with simple ingredients such as flour, water yeast and salt. Light and airy, with a chewy texture and slightly tangy flavour, they are often used as the foundation for a variety of sandwiches or enjoyed plain, fresh from the bakery. Today, this bread has made its appearance around the world and savoured in many ways thanks to its versatile nature. Eager to jazz up your baguette? Here are four ways to add a creative twist to the classic French bread. 

Pizza Baguettes

Pizza Baguette


Split lengthwise and topped with tomato sauce, cheese and various pizza toppings, the pizza baguette is a delicious variation of the traditional bread. It is then baked until the cheese melts, resulting in a delectable and convenient individual-sized pizza, with the characteristic shape and texture of a baguette. Creating a harmonious combination of flavours and textures, the crust offers a delightful crunch on the outside, while maintaining a soft and airy interior. The tomato sauce adds a burst of aromatic sweetness, complementing the gooey melted cheese that blankets the surface.  

At Délifrance, our platter delivery includes mini pizza baguettes topped with chicken ham, onion, pineapple on tomato base sauce with cheese, and vegetables like sliced mushrooms, olives and mixed capsicums.This fusion seamlessly combines the baguette with the beloved elements of pizza, resulting in a culinary synergy that delights with every bite.


Canapes with a Baguette Base


Canapes are small, decorative appetisers, consisting of a base and toppings. With an array of choices, including cheeses, meats, seafood and vegetables, the possibilities are endless. While the focus often gravitates toward the toppings, the choice of base can make all the difference and here is where the baguettes truly shines. Thanks to their crunchy texture and scrumptious flavour, baguettes serve as highly versatile canape bases, perfect with any topping. Start by slicing a baguette into thin rounds and lightly toasting them for that satisfying crisp. Once cooled, unleash your creativity with a variety of topping options. The small baguette slices provide a sturdy and mouthwatering base, allowing you to experiment with a range of exquisite toppings.

Sicillan Nachos

Sicillan Nachos


A fusion dish that combines elements of Sicillan and Mexican cuisine, Sicillan nachos feature bread instead of chips for the base. Add pizzazz to this culinary fusion by incorporating a touch of French influence, using the baguette as an alternative. Just like the canapes, thinly slice your baguette into rounds and toast until a lovely golden brown, then finish with your favourite toppings. The baguette will function as the crunchy foundation for your nachos. The neutral yet subtle tanginess of the baguette brings out the rich and diverse ingredients of Sicillan and Mexican food, offering a novel take on traditional nachos. 

Garlic and Herb

Garlic and Herb on a Baguette


The combination of garlic and herb is one that never fails to delight tastebuds despite its simplicity. The herbs contribute freshness, brightness and nuanced aromatic qualities that balance the strong essence of garlic. While this pairing is a match made in heaven, introducing a third component can take this flavour profile to new heights. Here’s where the French baguette makes its entrance. The baguette’s golden, crisp crust and soft, chewy interior provide the stage for showcasing the herbs’ fragrance and bold flavours of garlic. With the ability to absorb these undertones, the result is a complex yet enjoyable marriage of textures and tastes. Whether as a vessel for garlic and herb-infused oils or the perfect accompaniment to garlic-herb butter, the French baguette joins in as the ideal sidekick.

Who would have thought that the simple French baguette could have so many sides to it, catering to a myriad of tastes and preferences. Additionally, removing meat ingredients transforms these dishes into vegetarian alternatives, all while retaining their delectable flavour. So, the next time you have a baguette, try adding your own twist to it and embark on a gastronomic journey. 

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