4 Considerations To Take Into Account When Ordering Catering

4 Considerations To Take Into Account When Ordering Catering

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If you are planning an event and thinking of ordering party food delivery in Singapore, there are a few important considerations to take note of before jumping the gun.

Here is everything you need to know when ordering food catering that will help to make the event a success - keep reading to find out more.

1. Pay attention to different dietary requirements

Some of the major food allergens include milk, eggs, shellfish and nuts which are common ingredients found in many types of meals. People with food allergies can experience symptoms ranging from mild to severe, so it is always best to avoid putting your guests at risk of an allergic reaction as much as possible. You can do your part by asking your attendees if they have any allergies so you can communicate this to your food caterer.

Other dietary requirements like vegetarian, vegan and halal options should be considered too. After all, an inclusive dining experience is the key to an enjoyable experience for all of your guests.

Délifrance’s halal food catering service in Singapore will help you to meet your guests’ needs while maintaining optimum food quality and presentation.

2. Finalise the number of guests before ordering

You may also want to ensure that your guest list has been finalised before ordering party food delivery. This helps you to order the right amount of food to prevent wastage that is bad for both your pocket and the environment.

When in doubt, consult your caterer and they will be more than happy to advise you based on the headcount and menu you have chosen.

3. Consider the timing your event will take place

Consider the timing your event will be taking place-sharing platter delivery in Singapore

Other than headcount, it is also essential to consider the timing your event will be taking place. For instance, if it is going to be held in the late afternoon, then choosing to order sharing platter delivery may be a wiser choice. Sharing platters are great for afternoon teas and will surely make a good impression.

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But if you are planning a sit-down dinner, then more food like appetisers, main course and desserts need to be taken into consideration as well.

4. Decide on a theme for your event

Lastly, come up with a theme for your event to help you choose the most appropriate menu when ordering party food delivery. For example, if you are organising a tea party, bite-sized French pastries will be the perfect addition to your event.

This applies to the holiday season as well, so you know to search for seasonal menus to complement your party.

Order your party food from Délifrance

Order your party food from Délifrance-halal food catering in Singapore

Délifrance is a one-stop halal food catering option in Singapore offering a wide variety of French pastries and desserts that will tickle your and your guests’ taste buds.

Order sharing platters or individual meal boxes with a mix of both savoury and sweet to make your event one to remember.

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