Tips For Baking Flaky and Buttery Croissants According To Delifrances Chefs

Tips For Baking Flaky & Buttery Croissants, According To Délifrance's Chefs

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Croissants - flaky, buttery, crescent-shaped pastries that have a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of people all around the world. Whether you enjoy them for breakfast with a cuppa coffee, as a mid-day snack with some jam and butter, or as the base for decadent fillings, croissants are a staple in the world of French baked goods.

If you have only had croissants from pastry boxes bought from bakeries in Singapore but wish to try your hand at baking them, we have collated some of the best tips from our experienced chefs here at Délifrance. 

Heed our advice and you might just churn out delicious croissants that taste as good as those found in bakeries - keep reading to find out more.

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1. Always use high-quality butter

Always use high-quality butter-Pastry box Singapore

Butter is without a doubt the most important ingredient when it comes to baking croissants! The right kind of butter can make all the difference between a light and airy croissant, and a dense and greasy one.

Good butter with a high-fat content creates the beautiful flaky layers we are looking for while European-style butter further adds pizzazz by giving the croissant a slightly tangy taste that elevates the flavour. 

The next time you are whipping up a batch of croissants to create your own pastry box, make sure to splurge on the good stuff - your taste buds will thank you!

2. Practise using the rolling pin

Practise using the rolling pin-Pastry box Singapore

Other than butter, your rolling pin is your trusty sidekick when baking croissants. With a little bit of patience and a lot of elbow grease, here is how you can roll out perfect croissant dough in no time: 

  • A tapered rolling pin - where the middle is thinner than the ends - allows you to roll the dough evenly. 
  • Exert gentle pressure to avoid squashing and combining the delicate layers.
  • Start from the centre of the dough and roll outwards; dust with flour if necessary to prevent it from sticking to your workstation.

With these tips, you will be like actual pastry chefs whipping up these buttery treats for your pastry box! 

3. Do not rush the proofing process

 Do not rush the proofing process-Pastry box Singapore

Patience is a virtue - the proofing process is an important step in the journey to croissant heaven and rushing it is just going to turn it into a disaster. Proofing allows the dough to rise, creating airy layers in the croissant so that it bakes to its full potential. 

A trick to check whether the proofing is complete is to gently press your finger into the dough - if the indentation slowly springs back up, your dough is ready. You can also peek at the croissant - if it has a slightly concave bottom, it is under proofed. 

Sit back and relax, and let the dough do its thing. The wait will be all worth it! 

4. Take note to be gentle

Take note to be gentle-Pastry box Singapore

Baking croissants is like a delicate dance - you need to use light and gentle motions when rolling, shaping, and transferring the dough. In fact, the less you handle it, the better it is as this prevents the perfectly crafted layers from collapsing. Applying egg wash softly is also key so that the croissants hold their shape. 

Being gentle is of the essence to churning out croissants that look as beautiful as the ones in pastry boxes sold by bakeries. 

Croissants: the buttery way to start your day

Croissants the buttery way to start your day-pastry box delivery Singapore

If baking your own croissants sounds like too much of a chore, consider ordering yours from Délifrance instead. 

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