5 Simple Ways To Reduce Food Wastage At Events

5 Simple Ways To Reduce Food Wastage At Events

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Food is an essential part of any event — it brings people together, creates memories and adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. But with great food comes great responsibility, and unfortunately, a lot of waste. 

According to the World Food Programme, one-third of all food produced globally goes to waste — a staggering amount that could feed millions of people. And with events and the ease of party food delivery, this problem is even more pronounced. 

However, it does not have to be this way! There are plenty of simple and effective ways to reduce food waste at events without sacrificing quality or quantity. Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event or family gathering, here are some ways to impress your guests while also doing your part to be kinder to the planet. 

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1. Choose individual meal box catering over traditional buffet catering

Choose individual meal box catering over traditional buffet catering-meal box Singapore

With buffet-style catering, guests tend to pile their plates high with food, often more than they can eat, resulting in a lot of wasted food that ends up in the trash. On the other hand, individual meal boxes allow you to control the portion size and ensure that each guest gets just the right amount of food they need, reducing the chances of both overeating and wastage.

Furthermore, individual meal boxes are more hygienic, making them ideal for events in the post-pandemic world without having to worry about cross-contamination. 

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2. Track and review attendance from past events

Taking the time to analyse attendance patterns and guest behaviour from previous events can help you to identify trends and make more informed decisions about ordering party food delivery for future events. 

For instance, if you notice that certain dishes are consistently left untouched or only partially eaten, you can either reduce the quantity or replace them with more popular options to prevent wastage. You may also wish to ask for feedback from guests to get a better understanding of what worked and what did not to make the appropriate changes for your next event. 

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3. Choose bite-sized menu items

Choose bite-sized menu items-party food delivery Singapore

Small, flavourful and easy-to-eat, bite-sized menu items are perfect for events where guests are socialising and moving around. This does not just significantly reduce the amount of food waste generated at your event, but guests will also get to try a little bit of everything without feeling guilty about wasting food or overeating. 

Consider ordering party food delivery with bite-sized French canapés that come with unique flavours and aesthetically pleasing presentations. 

4. Allow guests to take home leftover food

Want to do something about excess food but have no idea how? One solution is to allow your guests to take home any leftover food. Not only does this help to reduce food waste, but it also gives your guests a tasty treat to enjoy later. 

Make sure to set up a designated area with reusable containers or bags that your guests can use to pack up their food. You can also provide them with instructions on how to safely store and reheat the food, so they can enjoy it later without any issues. 

5. Communicate with your guests about food waste

Communicating with your guests about food waste provides an opportunity for you to get them involved in the solution. You can encourage them to take only what they need, try new dishes and take home any leftovers to reduce wastage. 

Another helpful way to reduce food waste is to encourage your guests to inform you earlier if they are unable to make it to the event. This allows you to adjust your party food delivery order, minimising the amount of food that goes to waste. 

Sustainability is on the menu — it is time to reduce food waste at your events

Sustainability is on the menu-it is time to reduce food waste at your events-pastry box delivery Singapore

Every step taken towards minimising food waste counts and can have a significant impact on the environment and community. 

Délifrance is dedicated to producing French pastries and viennoiseries that are made with high-quality ingredients and available in individual meal boxes or sharing platter variations to help you reduce food waste at your events. 

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