Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Catering Types Considerations and More

Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Catering: Types, Considerations & More

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Being tasked to order food catering for your company’s corporate event can be daunting and overwhelming - there are so many mouths to feed, different taste buds to satisfy, a variety of dietary preferences to cater to, and endless choices to choose from. 

With food being such an important aspect of any event which can potentially make or break the experience, the burden on your shoulders will only get heavier. 

Luckily, there is no need to fret! This guide to corporate event catering will come in handy - we have included information ranging from selecting the most appropriate menu to the considerations you will need to take into account. 

Keep reading to find out more.

Part 2 - The importance of food at corporate events

2.1 What is corporate catering?

Let’s begin with the basics - corporate catering entails ordering food from an external catering company to provide your employees with food. It could be a one-time thing for special occasions such as anniversary celebrations and annual general meetings, or a daily occurrence with breakfast catering

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Catering for corporate events can range from sharing platters to individual meal boxes and even a full buffet spread. 

The process of ordering from a food caterer is straightforward - choose your preferred caterer, let them know what you want and wait for it to be delivered on the day of your event. However, it becomes slightly more challenging when it comes to ordering for a large group of people. There will be more to consider and certain caterers may require additional time to prepare. 

So a rule of thumb is to always allocate ample time for yourself to narrow down your list of caterers and liaise with them to find one that will meet all your corporate event needs. 

2.2 The benefits of ordering food catering for corporate events

The importance of food at corporate events-snack box catering singapore

Aside from offering convenience, which is one of the best reasons to order food catering for corporate events, there are also many other practical benefits. Here are some: 

1. Improves company culture

Many of the top companies in the world place a strong emphasis on building a supportive and positive company culture. This includes meeting their employees’ needs and since food is undoubtedly an essential part of life, providing delicious food will encourage people to come together and talk. 

2. Boosts employee morale

A small gesture like surprising your employees with snack box catering in the middle of a long meeting could perk them up and motivate them to get through the day. By showing that the company cares, employee morale increases and will have a direct impact on their productivity and satisfaction.

3. Encourages bonding between employees

Although a corporate event is a great time for employees to get to know each other, some may still prefer to stay within their comfort zone. Catering food during the event helps to break any awkwardness and encourages bonding between employees of different departments, allowing them to come together with a common topic to socialise and mingle. 

4. Helps with time management

Worried that a one-hour lunch break will turn into a 2-hour break, causing delays to your event? Then ordering catering such as sharing platters for your employees will help with time management since everyone starts and ends eating around the same time. 

5. Attracts and retains talents

Providing regular corporate food catering is an incentive to many employees and this perk could spread through word-of-mouth, indirectly helping your company to attract talent. Current employees and future candidates may also factor this in when calculating their total compensation package, helping to retain staff.

6. Caters to different dietary needs

Ordering food catering also makes it easier for your company to cater to different dietary preferences and needs. For instance, ordering from a halal food catering service in Singapore is a safer option if your company is inviting external guests and clients who may require halal-certified meals. 

7. Enhances professionalism

Hiring a reputable and professional catering company helps to create a polished image for your business and event, impressing both your guests and employees.

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2.3 The different types of corporate catering

Before you jump the gun to start placing an order immediately, you need to know and understand the different types of catering options that are suitable for a corporate event. Here are some:

1. Individual meal boxes or bentos

Snack box catering is great for smaller events such as meetings since they are a fuss-free meal option that is easy to distribute and clean up. It also gives employees and guests the chance to choose what they like, as each individual box can be customised according to dietary preferences and needs.

2. Sharing platters

The different types of corporate catering-sharing platter singapore

If you are planning a corporate event that will involve a larger group of people, sharing platters may be a more appropriate choice. They are aesthetically pleasing and will set a good impression on your employees and guests, while allowing conversations to freely take place as everyone sits around the table. Sharing platters also feature a wide variety of options so there will surely be something for everyone.

3. Buffet spread

A full buffet spread is usually preferred for large events and is also a more cost-effective option compared to ordering snack box catering or party set delivery. There is a good range of options to choose from, although it may be more challenging for employees to gather and bond as most take what they need and go. A buffet spread requires more time to set up as well as clear, so this is something to take note of.

Part 3 - How to plan the perfect corporate event catering

3.1 How to choose the right menu for corporate catering

Decided to order food catering for your next corporate event but have no idea how to choose the right catering style or menu? These tips will lend you a helping hand. 

1. Set a budget

Before anything else, it is essential to set a budget. This will help you to narrow down your list of options and select a caterer or menu that is within your means.

2. Consider when your event is taking place

If the event is going to be held in the morning, breakfast catering where pastry boxes filled with light and scrumptious bakes will satisfy tastebuds and fill tummies for a busy day ahead. Hearty and savoury bento sets may be more suitable for meetings happening right before lunch time whereas finger food and sharing platters are great for tea breaks in the evening. 

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3. Determine if it is a casual or formal event

It is also a good idea to determine if your event is going to be a casual or formal one, as it will help you to decide which kind of food catering to go for. If it is an internal meeting, then individual meal boxes would work but if it is going to be a big event with external parties, sharing platters may be a better choice. 

4. Take note of any upcoming seasons or celebrations

Another useful tip is to check whether your event coincides with any upcoming season or celebration, such as Chinese New Year or Christmas. This allows you to choose food items that go with the theme, which will be especially helpful if you have zero ideas of what to order. 

5. Keep attendance in mind

Most people tend to indulge more when it comes to finger food as they are not as filling but there is a higher chance of leftovers when carbs like rice and noodles are part of the menu. So keep the number of people attending your event in mind when ordering food catering - if it is just a small group of people, finger food delivery will reduce the chances of food wastage.

6. Pay attention to presentation

Wow your guests by looking for a menu that has a good balance of flavours, colours and textures and is presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

3.2 Additional considerations to take into account when ordering corporate catering

Additional considerations to take into account when ordering corporate catering-halal food catering singapore

Other than the number of people attending and when the event will take place, there are some other factors that are equally important but sometimes overlooked by event planners. Here is what you need to take note of. 

1. Halal options

You can always provide your Muslim employees and guests with a separate halal-certified meal. However, ordering from a halal food catering company in Singapore is more feasible as it saves you the trouble of searching for two different caterers and will make your Muslim employees and guests feel truly cared for and at ease. 

2. Dietary preferences

Another indispensable factor to consider is your employees’ and guests’ dietary preferences. Take note of common food allergens like nuts and eggs, and check if they have any dietary needs such as vegetarian or vegan options. 

3. Demographics

Consider the demographics of your guests and employees as well - the older generation may prefer traditional dishes while the younger crowd may appreciate trendier and Insta-worthy menu items. Having a clearer idea of your attendee demographics will help you to select the right menu. 

3.3 How to choose the best catering service

With tips and considerations out of the way, the next question you may have in your mind is how you can choose the best catering service. Here are the most important things to look out for: 

1. Huge variety of options

Before deciding on a food caterer, remember to look at the options available. You want to ensure there is a good variety of dishes for you to choose from so you can provide your employees and guests with the best.

2. Check reviews

Next, make sure to check reviews on Google and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Pictures and feedback posted by customers will provide you with a clearer idea of what you can expect - this is one of the ways to ensure you are choosing the right caterer. 

3. Ask for references

Another reliable way to find out if a caterer is worth engaging is through word-of-mouth recommendations. These suggestions are often more trustworthy than online sources since they come from people you know. 

4. Consider the caterer’s experience

Regardless of whether you are choosing party set delivery, snack box catering or pastry boxes, considering the caterer’s experience in the industry is one of the ways to pick the ideal option. Caterers with years of experience under their belts and who have already built a name for themselves will naturally be able to provide better options and service.

5. Check for corporate offers or discounts

Many caterers provide corporate offers or discounts when bulk orders are made, so remember to ask for a quote before making your final decision. This could help you to save some money which can be used on other aspects of your event, such as getting decorations and prizes. 

6. Establish communication

Get in touch with the caterer to find out more before placing an order so you get a clearer idea of what you can expect from their service. Fast and effective communication will come in handy when last-minute changes are required. 

7. Understand guidelines for safe eating

Adhering to food safety tips is essential to minimise the risk of food poisoning so that your event goes smoothly from start to finish. First and foremost, you should always only engage licensed food caterers for greater peace of mind. Additionally, raw or uncooked food will have to be delivered chilled at below 5°C and kept refrigerated until ready to serve, according to the National Environment Agency. Hot food should be kept above 60°C and all food kept at room temperature should be consumed within four hours from the time it is cooked to the time it is consumed.

Thus, remember to evaluate whether your event space will have the capacity or necessary equipment to keep food safe before choosing a caterer.

3.4 Why choose Délifrance for your corporate catering?

Why choose Delifrance for your corporate catering-halal food catering singapore

If you have tried looking for an appropriate caterer but still have no idea which to choose, consider the halal food catering service offered by Délifrance in Singapore

With so many restaurants and bakeries offering French pastry catering, here are some reasons why choosing Délifrance is going to be the best decision you can make. 

1. Halal-certified pastries

Délifrance’s halal party food delivery service is designed to be inclusive and cater to a wider group of people so that every party or event is truly enjoyable for everyone, while making the planning process a breeze for hosts at the same time. 

2. Decades of experience

Délifrance has more than 30 years of experience bringing a taste of Paris closer to home by offering authentic French pastries made with the highest-quality ingredients to the local crowd. With decades of experience, you can rest assured that your corporate catering is in great hands. 

3. Wide variety of options

You can find classic French pastries like croissants at Délifrance, but also a range of other viennoiseries and desserts like tartlets and madeleines. You can order them in the form of sharing platters or individual snack boxes depending on your event needs.

4. Reputable brand

Being a household name, getting halal food catering from Délifrance will certainly set a good impression on your guests. With a proven track record, there is no need for you to worry about subpar food quality or less-than-satisfactory service. 

5. Versatile menu items that can be enjoyed at any time of the day

The best part about ordering from Délifrance is getting French pastries and desserts that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. This means not having to fret about whether the menu is appropriate for your corporate event or not. For instance, stuffed croissants can be enjoyed as breakfast or lunch while madeleines are perfect for a tea break and canapés and tartlets are good as pre-dinner appetisers. 

6. Pastries that look as good as they taste

At Délifrance, the brand understands the importance of delivering food that looks as good as they taste. Hence, the sharing platters, snack boxes and dessert boxes are all packed with love to ensure they can be served immediately upon delivery. 

7. Customisable options

Flexibility is also what makes Délifrance stand out from the competition. Snack boxes can be customised according to your requirements and needs, as well as the budget set per pax.

3.5 Frequently asked questions about corporate catering answered

These are some frequently asked questions about corporate catering answered that will hopefully help to clear some of your doubts before you take the plunge to place an order. 

  • How much does corporate catering cost?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about corporate catering but there is certainly no one size fits all answer. Corporate catering can range from a few dollars for a snack box to hundreds of dollars for a sharing platter. Every catering company charges different prices and serving sizes and formats can affect the final price. 

  • Will there be additional hidden charges when ordering corporate catering?

Always ask for a quote before sealing the deal when ordering corporate catering. This helps to ensure that you will not have to pay for hidden charges at the end of the day. You will typically be charged for the food, delivery costs as well as GST. Setup and dismantle costs may sometimes be included, but any other costs should be clarified with the caterer beforehand. 

  • What is the best time for food catering to be delivered?

It is recommended that the food be delivered at most 1 hour before meal time to prevent it from being kept at room temperature for too long. 

  • How much food should I order?

This depends on the type of catering you are planning to order. For instance, it is advisable to place your order based on the number of guests invited if you are getting snack box catering. You may want to include additional portions if you are ordering finger food as some may consume more than one serving when it comes to light bites. 

  • Can a catering company accommodate dietary restrictions?

Most catering companies can accommodate each customer’s unique dietary requirements such as substituting dishes with vegetarian options and removing certain food allergens like eggs and nuts. However, it is important to inform the caterer in advance so that preparations can be made. 

  • How far in advance should I place a corporate catering order?

Every caterer has their own cutoff dates for orders, but generally, it is best to place a corporate catering order one to two weeks before your event. You may want to place orders for larger events or with special requests even earlier - giving your caterer more time to prepare is always advisable. At Délifrance, we recommend that orders be made at least two working days in advance before 9 am from Monday to Friday.

  • What food options does Délifrance offer for corporate catering?

Délifrance provides a wide variety of French pastries ranging from croissants to madeleines that are all suitable for corporate catering. Select from sharing platters and individual snack boxes to meet your event’s needs. 

Order your corporate catering from Délifrance today

Order your corporate catering from Delifrance today-snack box catering singapore

Paying attention to detail and making the right decisions when ordering catering are the foundations for a successful corporate event. 

When you order from Délifrance, our expert advice, an array of offerings and competitive pricing will help to take a load off your shoulders. 

We provide halal finger food delivery and tea break delivery in Singapore boasting a range of authentic and scrumptious French pastries, viennoiseries and desserts that will tick all your boxes. 

You can also look forward to seasonal treats during festive periods like Christmas. 

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